Dr Robin Wilson

Freelancer in Remote Sensing, GIS, Data Science and Python

Remote Sensing/GIS

I am experienced at processing large volumes of raster and vector data to generate useful insights.

I have a PhD in atmospheric remote sensing, and am an expert in atmospheric radiative transfer modelling.

I have built cloud-native geospatial systems for processing hundreds of TBs of imagery.

Data Science

I have led data science teams producing data at the highest level - including data used by the United Nations.

I can provide value from your data, through analyses ranging from simple statistics to advanced machine learning models.

I am experienced in a wide range of data visualisation techniques


I am an expert Python programmer, and am particularly experienced with the scientific Python stack, including numpy, pandas, matplotlib and scikit-learn.

I maintain multiple open-source Python modules, including Py6S, and have contributed widely to packages in the Python data science and geospatial ecosystems