"It is a pleasure working with Robin. He has taken some rough ideas of mine and quickly turned them into an interactive, online air quality map for Southampton, as well as producing static visualisations of complex data sets. Robin responds promptly to queries, offers different approaches to problem solving and makes the requested changes quickly. He also has a wealth of knowledge around GIS, programming and air pollution which has been invaluable for this project."

"I have found him to be an excellent person to work with. He is conscientious and reliable, thorough in all he does, but also innovative and creative. He has the capacity to deliver all you expect, and much more."

Prof (Emeritus) Ted Milton, University of Southampton

"I can remark that Robin has contributed a huge amount to RSPSoc and has been, and I am sure will continue to be, a huge asset to our community. I would have no hesitation in recommending Robin in the strongest possible terms for his commitment, attention to detail, high academic standards, unstinting enthusiasm and determined work ethic."

Dr Pauline Miller, Chair of the Publications Committee, RSPSoc

"I can highly recommend Robin: not just for his excellent technical skills but his very impressive ability to understand client requirements."

Prof James Dyke, University of Exeter

"The talk that Robin gave to our group was excellent. The clever animated video clips, accompanied by a clear vocal description gave an easily-understood picture of the underlying principles involved. The wide range of topics taken from situations familiar to everyone made the examples pertinent to all present and maintained their interest throughout. A thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking talk."